5 November 2022

Brew York Lupu Lion (The Wee Beer Shop@WeeBeerShop ) By @SpectreUK

Brew York Lupu Lion Beer

It's Bonfire night here in the UK, where we traditionally burn the Guy. Guy Fawkes was one of the ring leaders of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. The conspirators tried and failed to blow up Parliament. I'll try not to mention too much that our politics doesn't seem to have improved all that much since then. Just to say that outside tonight will sound like a war zone with the amount of fireworks that will be set off, and aliens will probably be able to see the bonfires from space.

I couldn't find a beer that suited bonfire night, so I picked the shiniest can I could find in my beer fridge. Lupu Lion American Pale Ale has definitely a sunbaked fiery looking can. Produced by Brew York, at 5% in volume, Lupu Lion promises an explosion of bitterness from the mixture of hops added in the brewing. There was Cryo, Cascade, T90, Mosaic, and Citrus hops all added into this pale ale's creation.

Named after Lupulin, which is the golden part of a hop that produces a beer's bitterness, aroma and flavour, Lupu Lion promises plenty of citrus and fruitiness, as well as a touch of pine. On opening the can I was pretty surprised that there was no fizz at all. This American Pale Ale was fairly cheerful in bubbles on pouring though, and did have a good head on it.

Lupu Lion Was packed full of fruitiness on aroma. Big on hops indeed as those almost tropical notes and biting citrus flavours sheered through my tastebuds like a lion's claw to begin with, and then there was a light herbal hop just behind adding more to the bitterness for that touch of pine. Following this initial cannonball charging big cat of hoppy bitterness came the sweet pale malts to soften me up a little, before another final bite of sharp herbal teeth into the aftertaste.

Lupu Lion was a lovely flavourful pale ale with bitterness that could warm anyone up on a dark damp evening of fireworks. And if you fancy fish and chips from your local Chippy whilst watching the festivities then Lupu Lion is for you, as it went very indeed with my takeaway.

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