18 November 2022

Orange Flavour Hot Chocolate (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Orange Flavour Hot Chocolate (Sainsburys)

It is a cold (ish) evening, so I think that means it is time for another hot chocolate. This is the second of the new flavours from Sainsbury's. It is a combination that says Christmas to me too, possibly because I used to get a Terry’s Chocolate Orange fairly regularly. Here we have Orange Flavour Hot Chocolate.

This is another of the drinks made with milk so I heated some up and added two teaspoons. This still sounded very low to me, but I had faith as it worked with the caramel variety. The drink smelled lovely with nice sweet tones. I gave it a sip and again was impressed by the strength of the flavour. Somehow, two spoons is genuinely enough. The orange shines through and is quite dominant in flavour. It is sweet and fruity and then the soothing tones of milk chocolate catch up, making the drink a delight to sip. Perfect for a cold evening. I’m not going to apologise for all the hot chocolate reviews, this really is my favourite time of year.

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