1 November 2022

Snickers Caramel & Bacon Edition (Candy Mail) By @Cinabar

Snickers Caramel & Bacon Edition

What new atrocity is this? Why would anyone think putting bacon in a Snickers is a good idea? Well, apparently, this limited edition Snickers Caramel & Bacon is from Brazil, and as mad as it sounds I couldn’t help but buy it, so I’m judging myself too. I have tried bacon and maple syrup before and did like it, so maybe this will work out. The wrapper is a bright orange and this camouflages the rasher of bacon on the right of the wrapper a little, like they are slightly in denial themselves.

I opened up the bar and it looked normal enough, there were no obvious hints of bacon and nothing in the aroma. The bar looked small overall. I think it is smaller than a UK Snickers, but perhaps similar to a multipack sized bar. I gave it a try and and for the first few seconds of chewing I was absolutely convinced it was a normal Snickers bar, until this wave of smokey flavour hit. It wasn't that strong, but there it was, a tiny bit meaty and a rough smokey taste that was blending into the chocolate. As it wasn’t that strong, it wasn’t that offensive, and I could sort of see it working with the flavour. A smokey chocolate isn’t that bad, I finished the bar. I was still left wondering why though. It isn’t the sort of thing I’d buy again, but sometimes I complain that there aren’t enough crazy flavours in the world, so thank you Brazil for being brave and bringing out a curious bar.

Snickers Caramel & Bacon Edition

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