6 November 2022

St Pierre, Chocolate Chip Brioche Roll & Hunter's Shortbread (@NLi10)

 When on holiday it's nice to pick up new things, especially if they are individually wrapped and easy to take on hikes.

Here we have a little brioche which is similar to the ones I have at home, yet also different!

Here it is by a rock.  Apparently this was an important battle which the English lost so doesn't get talked about much.

Nice views though.  The brioche was as you'd expect - a bit light for replenishing energy on the hike, but very welcome nonetheless. Nice flavours and a great balance of chocolate to bread. Perfect for office lunchboxes.

You can even see this chalk horse after a while, but it's much better seen from above as demonstrated by the notice board.

You have to (can?) walk up from the carpark below - and it's very steep - or you could just go the way we went back which was virtually flat and well paved.

And the views are spectacular - that's a pretty steep drop a few meters in front!

To the extent that a gliding club is set up at the top to take advantage of the thermals.

I chose to take advantage of the thermals in the wonderful little cafe by the information office.

On the way back we stopped in Helmsley which has a little hidden castle

And a lovely little food shop called Hunters of Helmsley which sold all kinds of wonderful things but I settled on this super deluxe shortbread to save for a special feast.

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