24 November 2022

GRO Vegan Christmas Sandwich - No Turkey Feast (Co-Op) by @NLi10

After the disaster of the Christmas Pot Noodle on Sunday I wasn't really looking forwards to trying this Co-Op Vegan Christmas themed sandwich.

Turkey-style soya protein doesn't sound that amazing- but the Co-Op aren't known for disappointing me.

On a side note the calendars came! Not sure how I'm going to do them when I'm not always at home - but here they are. One Cat & one huge charity Oxfam choc one.

Co-op are also donating loads from these sandwiches to charitable foundations which is good.

And as far as pre-made sandwiches go - taking out the meat and adding other goodies in can only be healthier - so how does it stack up?


As it turns out - it's actually quite nice!  It's a little dry - which is oddly realistic for a turkey sandwich - but if you had some gravy or just a nice festive drink along side then you'd be fine. 

The soya protein has a good texture, and the added ingredients work really well. A definite win.

Given the opportunity I'll choose this one again - even though I'd quite like to try the meaty versions at some point this year too.

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