21 November 2022

Spice Star Biscuits (Co-Op) By @Cinabar

Spice Star Biscuits (Co-Op)

These are not lebkuchen, but I was looking for lebkuchen when I spotted these Spice Star Biscuits in the Co-Op and decided that these were the closest thing I was going to find. Lebkuchen are German ‘biscuits’ made with spices, but they are soft and a little sponge-like. Aldi do brilliant lebkuchen if you are looking to try them.

Back onto these Co-Op Spice Star Biscuits, which I hoped would quench my thirst for Christmas spice. I opened the top of the bag and could smell the spices and the cinnamon, and couldn’t wait to give them a try. The biscuits are cute too, they are star-shaped and fairly dark in colour but not quite as golden as I had expected. I gave one a try and I was a little torn. The flavour was perfect, a lovely blend of spices with a hint of ginger to warm them up. The blend of spices was perfect for them and this I loved. The problem was the texture. It was quite hard. It felt like a bit of an effort to eat. As I really liked the taste, I did manage to eat a few, but I’m not a big fan of hard biscuits, which is probably why I usually dunk them. I think I am going to have to make myself a nice hot chocolate to have with the others. Or do I go full spice and make a cup of Chai tea and see if I can overload on cinnamon? To be honest, that sounds like a plan.

Spice Star Biscuits (Co-Op)


Anonymous said...

I just tried these and I agree, they are VERY crunchy, nearly biscotti hardness. I think they may be perfect for dipping into Christmas themed teas/coffees/hot chocos

cinabar said...

You are right about them being like biscotti, but I can confirm they are goof dunked in Chai Tea.