17 November 2022

New Kellogg's Krave Stix - Chocolate Hazelnut (Asda) by @NLi10

Krave is a great cereal range - I mean it's not as good as the Asda own brand version and it's at least double the price - but it is very nice. So - when I spotted these I was excited to try them. 

Krave Stix are clearly intended for lunchboxes, but for once it's a cereal bar that's an actual cereal - but I wasn't as excited as review-cat Luna.

I'm not sure why but this box was fascinating, she sat on it for a good ten minutes while I typed other reviews and then was first inside when it opened.

She only usually touches bread based foods (especially those with peperoni on them) so this was indeed an honour. 

This bit was less exciting.

And she'd realised these were not treats and wandered away by now.

And these are indeed giant Kraves. Still attached in twins, but double the size of the cereal's normal length and a little bit chunkier too.

And still very hollow and non gooey in the middle - which kind of works as a cereal.  

These are closer to wheaty crisps than I'd expected so if you crave a north european experince of crisps full of nutella then this is for you.  But me? I'm not Kraving them like Luna did. They were fine, they will get eaten, but I'd rather just snack on a bowl of the cereal.

Good for kids lunchboxes (they are actually pretty light as far as chocolate treats go) but not something for the grown-ups.

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