2 November 2022

Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips (Local Coffee Shop) By @SpectreUK

Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips

So I've been trying to find a good cup of coffee at work since I started. There are a few coffee shops dotted around the hospital campus. The first coffee was pretty good, the second was awful and the staff were unfriendly, the third was just right (wait, that sounds familiar). From that same coffee shop I found a few healthy sounding crisps (or chips) to try. These Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips were the first bag I decided to write about.

Gluten free as well as vegetarian and vegan friendly, these Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips were flash fried in small batches, then 'generously' seasoned they say. So, what do they taste like?

On opening the packet there was a sweet barbecue aroma from the reddish coloured crisps inside. I hadn't had lentil crisps for quite a while, so was surprised at how crunchy they were. These Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips had a sweet barbecue flavour to start with, and then a little spicy heat from the paprika into the aftertaste.

I thought these Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips were a healthy feeling alternative snack. They were sweet and tangy, and had a decent spice. I'd definitely have them again.

Information on the packet; The 20g bag contained 98 calories, with 4.8g of fat, 0.7g of sugar and 0.4g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Burts Barbecue Lentil Chips

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