27 November 2022

Ultimate Roast Potato Crisps (Co Op) by @NLi10

This year's Christmas offerings have so far been a bit odd.  Pot Noodles & vegan turkey? Now we have potato flavoured crisps - surely that's just crisps?!

Ah - but these are the ultimate Roast potato so therefore taste like roasties - to be specific the ones you get at a carvery or with Christmas Dinner itself - interesting.

So - salt, oil, garlic, rosemary & pepper (on top of crunchy potatoes)

And a little on the unhealthy side - just like Christmas.

And they look like Crisps, and taste pretty decent too - they are really good approximations of a roast potato. The aftertaste isn't amazing, and they did seem to give us both a little indigestion - just like real Christmas I guess!  Worth a bowl on the Christmas snack table if you happen to be having nibbles, but probably not advisable to sit and eat a whole bag...

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