20 November 2022

Merry Pot Noel - Pot Noodle Christmas Dinner (Asda) by @NLi10

So - it's very popular to make Christmas versions of popular snacks and foods - and Pot Noodle have really gone for the jackpot this year.

This is Christmas Dinner - well the stuffing and the gravy anyway - but in pot noodle form.  As non England commenters have pointed out this is essentially our most popular version of what international readers will know as Ramen.

Cup noodles are an international staple - and this is a big size version of ours.  It's seen as a luxury brand compared to the half-price international cheap versions.

You can see a normal size version of my favourite the Beef & Tomato flavour next to it - as well as a Santa sighting!  

I decided to go with this on the 20th as the 'mindfulness calendar' said I should make a meal with something I'd not tried before - and it gives local readers an opportunity to buy these to put under the tree. Yes - they sell these in cardboard crackers designed just for this purpose!

Unlike most of these it doesn't actually include the sauce sachet - you have to provide your own cranberry - and this lack of the sweetness I think was their first mistake.

As usual this is just cheap noodles and flavour dust - but with maybe a few more herby bits in than usual.

Add boiling water - recover - stir after 2 minutes - wait another 2 mins and eat away.

And here it is - in all it's glory! A gravy Pot Noodle! 

And while the smell is OK, and it's certainly a standard Pot Noodle the flavour isn't that great.  Just tastes like cheap stuffing, but then the aftertaste - my goodness it's horrible - like one of those genetic tests for offensive flavours!  I'm guessing that whoever had this in the taste sessions was a heavy smoker, or just didn't have the right make up to detect this massive problem. Maybe they always added cranberry?    Either way - this is a lovely potential joke present that just doesn't work for me.

Bonus: I did a video for YouTube Shorts but it cut off the commentary when I added the music...


Anonymous said...

Are you sure Pot Noodle is considered a 'luxury brand'....!!!


NLi10 said...

It's around 5 times as expensive as the 20p noodles in a pot! Maybe they don't exist so much these days. :)

Anonymous said...

I must admit that it smells like stuffing but the taste is dreadful, how on earth did this make it to the shops? Its so bland and YUK, please no more