19 November 2022

Swamp Boat & Daisychains Beer (The Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Swamp Boat & Daisychains Beer

I have a bad feeling about this beer. I think I picked it at the time because I liked the name, rather than the ingredients. Made with blueberry purée, white tea and Mexican honey in the brewing, this Swamp Boat & Daisychains promises a bite like a "swamp gator", but also a sourness that worries me more than the blueberries. It's not that I don't like blueberries, they just do nothing for me. I had a blueberry protein yoghurt earlier, because that's all the shop had, and that was, well, okay. Blueberries in a beer with tea and honey. It just sounds like a weird combination to me.

At 5.4% in volume this Swamp Boat & Daisychains is a Grisette and was brewed by Bang the Elephant Brewing Company, in Derbyshire. A Grisette is a style of beer from the Hainaut Province in Belgium. Grisettes are usually low in alcohol, so the 5.4% in volume may be railing against that. They are supposed to be crisp, have a light to medium body, and with a citrusy bitterness. So it's just the promise of sourness that's worrying me from the description on the can.

On opening the can there was a strong sour aroma from the Grisette inside. There was also a blueberry smell from the straw coloured misty beer on pouring. On taste Swamp Boat & Daisychains had an immediate jumble of flavours that I just couldn't get my head around. I don't know about crisp, but this beer had a sourness that twisted all of my features, then blueberries slapped me around the chops. There was a little citrus bitterness under all that sourness and blueberries, but that quickly sank back into the swamp as the old boat roiled straight over where it had briefly stuck up it's head for some air. I couldn't pick up on white tea or any type of honey. There certainly wasn't any sweetness of note. Unfortunately Swamp Boat & Daisychains was not for me, but we have to try these things. Sometimes they're the best thing we've ever tasted, sometimes, not so much.

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