11 November 2022

Hog Roast Wood Fired Pizza (Aldi) By @Cinabar

Hog Roast Wood Fired Pizza

Sometimes I spend time investigating new and interesting products to write about, sometimes fate steps in. This is the latter. I ordered a pizza that wasn’t in stock from Aldi Click and Collect, and this fine Hog Roast Pizza was the replacement. Well played Aldi Order Picker, well played. I was pleasantly surprised as usually the replacement items aren’t better than your actual choices. I had gone for a salami pizza so it was a bit different, but they do both have a wood fired base.

For a quick tea, we decided to have pizza. The pizza didn’t have too much aroma when it went into the oven, but I could smell nice meaty tones while it was cooking. I wasn’t sure that roast pork and cheese was going to work, but it did look interesting. There was plenty of meat on the topping and lots of onions too.

I think what impressed me the most with the flavour of this pizza was all the lovely herbs, it was really flavoursome. I’m used to the base on the wood fired pizza, there are both soft and crispy and not too thin which I really like. The Hog Roast pizza tasted like a roast pork dinner with sage and onion stuffing and that was a delight to eat. There were plenty of onions and all the flavours mingled perfectly. I also liked the cheese too and the tomato base, as that kept the pizza vibe going. This pizza was delicious and definitely something I would buy again, unless the Aldi Order Picker chooses something else!

Hog Roast Wood Fired Pizza

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