12 November 2022

Harper’s Plum Porter (Aldi) By @SpectreUK

Harper’s Plum Porter

I do like to match up drinks with food. A good stout with steak and chips, a glass of mead with fig biscuits, or a chocolate ale with a chocolatey pudding. I decided to have this Harper's Plum Porter to wash down a packet of Fruit Shortcake biscuits. I know I shouldn't eat the whole packet, but I'm really greedy.

After careful (cheating) management of my calorie intake today with a fairly healthy beef sandwich, fruit and a high protein yoghurt for lunch, steak, potatoes and vegetables for dinner, at 223 calories this Plum Porter will still fit in my average calorie count for the day. Plus, of course, that all important packet of Fruit Shortcake biscuits at a whopping 930 calories. I know, I know, I shouldn't, but I have also worked out like hell.

At 4.8% in volume this Harper's Plum Porter was described as a "fruity dark Porter brewed with the finest roasted malts and classic hops." Although I don't know what those malts and hops were, the description of this Plum Porter made my mouth water. So on opening the bottle I was glad to breathe in the fruitiness followed by the dark sweet malts. I could pick up on the chocolate malt at the back of the aroma.

On taste this almost jet black Harper's Plum Porter had a rich fruity plum flavour to begin with followed by that luscious dark chocolate malt. Gosh this was a flavoursome treat after a long and tiring week at work trying to get a laboratory live and up and running with all its issues. At least it all seemed to go well after a few tweaks and changes. Then came the full treat of a packet of fruit Shortcake biscuits and a pint of Harper's Plum Porter. You have to enjoy somethings things life, so let it be good food, good drink, and good company. Cheers.

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