3 November 2022

Rustlers Pancake Stack - Surprisingly Realistic Road-Trip Food (@NLi10)

Rustlers are the surprisingly competent UK brand for easy to cook hot snacks, and I spotted these as an option in the supermarket next to all the other imitation fast food.

In the UK we really don't have pancake houses - but we do have Little Chef who will happily sell me these with either bacon or fruit depending on my mood.

They suggest microwaving and grilling, but frankly thats for mad people.  These go in the toaster.

I need to clean the toaster...

You get syrup included - which is surprisingly maple-like and I heated it on the toaster while toasting the pancakes - like a pro.

I then added blueberries as I'm not a savage.

And - these were pretty good! Surprisingly close to the actual Little Chef versions too - possibly even from the same factory of mass-produced part cooked pancakes.  

While this is a lot less than you'd get in the restaurant itself (maybe they just open two boxes) it's still a pretty reliable snack if you've got a toaster and cravings for road-trip food.

Not as good as home-made, but no where near the disaster I expected.  I'd be happy to have these again.  Especially with added toppings.

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