10 November 2022

Fufflechino - Baileys Comet & Malt? Easy! (by @NLi10)

When we picked up our lovely fuffle we picked up some of the drinks. I popped these  in with the hot chocolates and forgot all about them. Then it got cold - and I found them!

In my head these were hot chocolates - fuffle is basically fudge-truffle so a lot like chocolate - but then I opened one and the smell alerted me that I'd got a bit mixed up.

These are recyclable coffee pods - but with chocolaty flavours.  I realised that it was the fact that these can be made in the velvetiser (imitation Aldi one) that had caused me to get confused about their nature.

So I dumped the Malt? Easy! into the velvetiser and flicked it on.

And it made a really funny noise and got upset.  I had to open it up a couple of times and put the spinny bit back on - but once I'd figured out that you need to take the fuffle chunk out first (looking back the guy did tell me) and then put it back in once you had a mug full of red-hot drink.

And it looked and smelt awesome - but more of a coffee than a hot-chocolate for sure.  Not sure it tasted that much of maltesers but it was nice.

And so with the Baileys version I knew a little bit more about what to do (but I still tried to put the fuffle in the spinner, but in 4 chunks which still didn't work).

Slightly less coffee - slightly more mysterious powder

And in the lovely German market hot-chocolate mug it worked really well.  Smelt very good and had a strong flavour of the liquors.  Both perfect for a very cold day, and I'm sure i'll track the stall down over Christmas markets and get more.

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