13 November 2022

JitterBug Seltzer - Lemonade Swing & Berry Hop (@NLi10)

I've not really had social drinks that refer to themselves as a 'seltzer' before.  I always presumed it was something the America's just called adult pop. It's basically just sparkling water though!

This is a more exciting proposition than just that - it's called Apple Cider Vinegar Seltzer - and comes in a couple of dancy flavours - perfect for a weekend of UK TV show Strictly Come Dancing!

For night 1 I chose this lemonade style seltzer which has all kinds of cool claims, but at the end of the day is just a nice little drink (and low cal!)

It's nothing too special, but certainly a pleasure to drink. Does taste like lemonade made with the 'flat' tasting carbonated water - and a lot less sweet. My mother would love it!

Some people aren't cut out for all the dancing and prefer to sleep in their little heated box by the radiator.

Night 2 (well afternoon two - before the results show) I have the Berry Hop variety which essentially sounded about the same.

This is similarly murky and with a flat fizz, but has more of a hint of kombucha to it.  This is the one I'd choose out of the two - I'd actively hunt this one out where as the other was just nice-to-try.

I'm fairly sure I'll bump into these again, but as an unusual party drink these both make the grade.

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