27 September 2023

Yorkshire Tea Breakfasty Toast & Jam (Asda) by @Spectreuk

Yorkshire Tea Breakfasty Toast & Jam

I once worked in a factory deep in the Midlands where the workers dipped their buttered toast in their morning tea for breakfast. I'd never heard of such a thing, and I thought they were mad. Now Taylors of Harrogate have come up with this Yorkshire Tea Breakfasty Toast & Jam. Now I think they're mad, and so is Cinabar for making me write about it. Or maybe she isn't, as I guess I have to try it first.

Taylors idea is that this Yorkshire Tea Breakfasty Toast & Jam brew is an all in one taste of jam on toast on the run, without the fear of jam on your chin. I understand where they are coming from there, as I have a habit of doing everything by excess and overloading my toast with as much jam as I possibly can.

After brewing for a few minutes and adding a little milk, I waited for this Yorkshire Tea Breakfasty Toast & Jam tea to cool a while, and then gave it a tentative sniff. It smelt very jammie, with a slight hint of butter, if I'm not mistaken.

On taste this tea was bizarrely moreish. I didn't think I'd like it at all. I even heard approval from the other room where two other mugs of this tea were being tried. There was of course milky black tea, but with that hint of butter and a heap of what I thought was raspberry jam on top. This would be good in the morning or evening as a pudding tea after dinner.

Information on the packet; There are 49 teabags in the box. Ingredients included; black tea, and natural flavourings.

Yorkshire Tea Breakfasty Toast & Jam


Jeremy said...

mind-blowing that you have done this since 2008. your dedication inspires me to do something for 15 years

cinabar said...

Thanks - we were determined to do a post per day, and we just keep going! :D