28 March 2024

Easter in Miniature - Mini eggs Orange & M&M's eggs [@NLi10]

 There are an increasing number of competitors for the Cadbury Mini Eggs crown, including new bags of just the Orange ones.  I know we've covered these before, but it's a nice excuse to buy a couple of (tiny - 80g!) bags and have a sample.

Here is the full selection - at least from a mini Tesco on they way to Nannas. 

All subject to confusing Clubcard Pricing, but essentially just over a pound, for just under 100g of coated chocolate.

So - Mr fox - which ones best?

Well, the mini eggs are bigger than the M&M ones - which means you get less in a bag but that each individual one is more satisfying.  They have the classic Mini Egg addictive taste on the outside of the shell, and it seems like an orange flavoured version of the classic Cadbury (not Dairy Milk) crumb.  The new owners have failed to spoil mini eggs - and they are surprisingly affordable in the huge bags (from Waitrose).

The M&Ms aren't as disappointing as feared - they have chosen not to give them the M&M stench (that you can smell in the air near the M&M world in London) and these just taste like the default Mars chocolate.  The small size means just one is disappointing, but two is a nice mouthful.  And the shells look amazing - even if all my Ms were faded.

Overall though - I'd rather just have a bag of normal Cadbury Mini-eggs, mainly because I like the Pink ones best.


Anonymous said...

"An increasing number of competitors", and a decreasing size of bags...

NLi10 said...

Yes - for the price - but Waitrose doing 1Kg bags for £12.50 is a game changer.