6 May 2024

Barratt Flumps Cupcakes (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Barratt Flumps Cupcakes

We went to the supermarket to do a bit of a top-up shop after a very busy weekend out and about at a Comic Con. Right by the door was a stand with these brightly coloured Barratt Flumps Cupcakes; they were our first purchase. We had gone in for bread, milk, and other essentials, but these looked perfect for a treat on a long weekend. 

The cupcakes look very pretty; they are based on the colourful marshmallows that I have with hot chocolate, and sometimes just straight from the bag. They have done a nice job on the topping by mimicking the colour of the sweets.

I gave the cupcake a try, and it was very tasty. It reminded me of birthday cake. The base sponge is light and fluffy, with lots of vanilla running through it. The topping is also sweet and vanilla, and it is soft and moist. The combination is a lovely, colourful treat. The topping is supposed to be marshmallow flavour, but despite eating Barratt Flumps sweets a lot, I think they are just vanilla, so in that respect, they nailed it. The cupcake is mostly about the eye catching buttercream on top, and the flavour is just an easy-going sweet treat. I’d still buy these Barratt Flumps Cupcakes again, as they were lovely as an afternoon sweet treat.

Barratt Flumps Cupcakes

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