9 May 2024

Cookie Queen @ Porthleven Food Fest (and your house too!) [@NLi10]

I deliberately left one shop out of the Porthleven Food Festival review last week because it wasn't for eating on the day - it was for taking back to the lodge and savouring another day.

Look at these magnificent Cookie Sandwiches!

 We ate our lunch on a concrete bollard table thing opposite this stall.  It was very popular with the locals and had so many wonderful options that I knew I'd be taking a few home.  The picture at the top was my partners Banoffee Cookie Sandwich - she really liked it.

I'd have zoomed in more to take a picture of the range, but I forgot to get a better one when I didn't have a steak wrap in one hand.

And here we see my lemon cookie sandwich (naughtily being eaten at the excellent Hog & Hedge services - in fairness we did get stuff there both on the way down and back).

It was just the right balance of sharp and fruity, and the cookies were British enough to have lovely natural flavours too.

And the leaflet revealed a big secret - they deliver!!

So while this is a little indulgent to order for yourself (although they do keep 2 weeks) it's a cool thing to do as a birthday thing to take to work, or just to get delivered for relatives.

It's not a common thing to find a baked treat that you can actually recommend UK wide so it's quite cool that these are so good.

Visit www.cookiequeen.uk if you dare!

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