11 May 2024

Cat to the Future By Elusive Brewing (Wee Beer Shop) @SpectreUK

Cat to the Future By Elusive Brewing

I can be pretty catlike. I'm homely, inquisitive, curious, I can be very attention seeking, love my fuss, cuddles, and quick to nip when riled. I love Back to the Future too. As a person who tries unsuccessfully much of the time not to dwell in the past, I often look back. What if I could go back and rectify one or more of the multitude of mistakes I've made, the wrong paths I've taken, the poor decisions. Where would I be now? And there is the question of loss. Who would I choose to spend time with from my past, and somehow make it right this time?

This Cat to the Future West Coast Pale ale is in the here and now. It should wash my scampi and chips down a treat tonight. Brewed in collaboration with Hop Burns & Black, Elusive Brewing's 4.5% in volume West Coast malt base was produced with hop varieties of Mosaic, Columbus, Simcoe, and Citra. So, I'm expecting quite a bitter bite of citrus and fruitiness from this sharp sounding pale ale.

On opening the can there was a tart citrus aroma overshadowing sweet pale malt. Cat to the Future West Coast Pale ale poured a cheerful bubbly deep golden colour. It matched the sunshine outside today. On taste there was herbal hops fighting against all those citrus hops. There was quite a sharp edged battle of hops to get through to the sweet pale malt, which pretty much poked out into the aftertaste.

This Cat to the Future was a very flavoursome ale indeed, hop heavy in fact. There was hop fighting right from the start, but I do love a flavoursome beer with a bite, and this West Coast Pale ale ticked all the boxes for me, as it washed down my scampi and chips wonderfully. Cheers.

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