15 May 2024

Golden Wonder Spicy Bikers (Cost Cutter) By @SpectreUK

Golden Wonder Spicy Bikers

Do you ever get that feeling of one packet of crisps isn't enough? I do love gorging on crisps sometimes. It's the same with biscuits. I manage my calories and workout like a madman so I can eat healthy for the best part, and gorge sometimes for a treat, but still stay in the realm of my allotted calories.

These Golden Wonder Spicy Bikers should go rather well with my roast pork and mustard sandwich at lunchtime. From the colour of the packet and some of the ingredients of paprika, nutmeg and black pepper, I'm thinking barbecue spices. These maize flavoured crisps are baked not fried for a bit of a lean towards healthiness, even if they don't expect you to eat the whole packet. I like how they mention on the back that they have ramped up the flavour 'by 360 degrees' to make them 'wheely great'.

Golden Wonder Spicy Bikers

On opening the packet there was sweet onion and a touch of garlic to the orange paprika coloured maize wheels inside. With added spices of nutmeg and black pepper, there was a medium heat to these Golden Wonder Spicy Bikers. Moreish to an extreme, I found myself chomping through the whole packet of these 'wheely great' maize crisps in no time at all.

Information on the packet; The 50g bag contained 119 calories per 25g, with 5.2g of fat, 0.9g of sugar, and 0.22g of salt. Please see ingredients in photograph.

Golden Wonder Spicy Bikers

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