22 May 2024

Seabrook Fries Salt & Vinegar (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

Seabrook Fries Salt & Vinegar

I lost my tastebuds to COVID for more than a couple of weeks just before one of the lockdowns a few years back. It was strange because I'd eaten Smith's Chipsticks Salt N' Vinegar with my lunch that day and all I could taste for two weeks or more, whatever it was, tasted of Smith's Chipsticks Salt N' Vinegar. All except strawberries, which tasted super acidic. It was joyous when my tastebuds finally came back fully. It took a while longer though. I do still eat strawberries, but I went off Smith's Chipsticks Salt N' Vinegar.

Seabrook must be branching out. They have tried to match Smith's variety with their own Seabrook Fries Salt & Vinegar. I may have a slight snuffle from the guy on the stall next to me at my last comic con. I'm hoping it's just the drop in temperature and the damp weather outside today, and nothing more.

Seabrook Fries Salt & Vinegar

So after boiling my usual three eggs, adding strawberry jam and honey to my toast, I opened a packet of these Seabrook Fries Salt & Vinegar. There was a salty and slightly vinegar smell from the thin maize fries inside the packet. On first taste these crisps were not as crunchy or flakey as their counterparts, they were melt in the mouth and slightly more salty, and then with vinegar into the aftertaste. As an alternative I definitely liked these Fries and would have them again.

Information on the packet; At 75 calories per 16g bag, these Fries have 3.8g of fat, 0.3g of sugar and 0.01g of salt. Please see photograph for the ingredients.

Seabrook Fries Salt & Vinegar

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