19 May 2024

Northern Monk - Apple Strudel with Custard Pale Ale! [@NLi10]

 It was recently Eurovision Weekend (hooray!) so I found and saved a slightly topical beer - Appel Strudel with Custard!

Apple beer is intriguing, and with hints of vanilla?  What could possibly go wrong!

It’s a pretty cool can & idea - pudding beer is a bit like adding fruit to beer and then ramping up the sugar I guess!

And while the contest rages on in the background, I got to sipping what is quite an interesting little mix.  As a cider fan (and someone who likes vanilla) I think this worked magnificently.  It’s light enough that I could happily have gone straight into the second - but with risky flavours I only get one at a time.

I’ll add this to the list of ones to keep in stock though as it made a refreshing change and will be great in the summer

And as a bonus - the night before We’d got to see the northern lights, but localised and entirely in our back-garden! For the UK this is a little unusual - but apparently they will be back within the month too

Wonder if I can find some space beers for then?

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