18 May 2024

St. Feuillien Brown Ale (Marks & Spencer’s) By @SpectreUK

St. Feuillien Brown Ale (Marks & Spencer’s)

I have pork chops tonight. You're probably thinking that's not such an interesting meal, but pork chops and gravy with potatoes and veg done right are literally my favourite gravy meal. I'd probably have pork chops, two at least, as my last meal.

I always thought my mom did the best pork chops. I'd ask for pork chops every time I visited. She's pretty old now and we seem to meet halfway between our homes at a Hickory's Smokehouse more often than she cooks now. Cinabar offered the other week to cook me pork chops. I challenged her that my mom cooked the best pork chops, and so Cinabar goes and knocks my challenge out of the park.

I fancy a brown ale with my pork chops tonight. This Belgium Reserve Brown Ale, St. Feuillien (Saint Foo-Yen) should fit the bill very well indeed. At 8.5% in volume, this brown ale was uniquely top-fermented and has been brewed by the Friart family since 1873, keeping with the original traditions of production.

On opening the bottle there was a heavy malted barley aroma from the deep brown ale inside. Pouring with a frothy head, St. Feuillien had the strong wholesome flavour of sweet malted barley. Heavy on the malts, this brown ale barely had a hint of herbal bitterness. Those luscious biscuity malts just kept on giving right through to the aftertaste.

If you like your smooth sweet malted barley brown ales, this St. Feuillien is definitely for you. I know I'll certainly have a bottle or two in my beer fridge as often as possible from now on.

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