16 May 2024

Filbert's Snack Salami - Chorizo & Sea Buck Tonic [@NLi10]

 I was on the beach watching my partner do some sea kayaking and fancied a snack. The shop facing the sea had all the normal things, like the Feast I had, and they had bar snacks by Filbert's too!  So naturally I picked up a Salami (but for later on)

The Filberts olives work out a little expensive but are much more portable than the jars and plastic tubs from the supermarkets.  You know - for those picnics in the woods (or more likely bar snacks).

Enjoy with an IPA! Nope - we got some dirty tonic.

This Sea Buck Tonic was hidden away in one of the little local St Ives brewery shops with all the pirate themed spirits.  We did pick some of those up too as presents but I got this as a taster then intended to get more later (but failed)

It's not that sparkling a tonic and has a really flat flavour which is perfect for certain spirits like rum, but also works well with Salami & Chips.  I'd definitely have it again.

The salami was good quality too - better than the super-mass-produced ones that seem to get advertised on all the wrestling shows these days, but not quite up to the farm-shop quality.  So more of an out-and-about snack than an actual treat.

Made for a decent combo as a light evening meal after a huge lunch.

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