26 May 2024

Mazaa Tandori Masala Oat Bites [@NLi10]

 Occasionally exciting new snacks appear in the kitchen, and I get very excited for the day when we open them.  Here is one exciting parcel.  it's like the Cofresh products we like, but lower in calories and stuff.

Oats are great, masala is great - off to a good start.

The ingredients are really hard to read, and photograph.  Very pretty colours but yeah - not practical.

They look like childhood Frazzles in the bowl - and they taste like disappointment. :(

I think in my head this kind of snack needs sweetness, or fattiness to go with the spice and produce a wonderfully indulgent sensation.  That said - I'm the kind of person who has this many crisps in a sitting so that's not so bad.

These however are designed to go alongside something, or for you to sit and eat the whole bag.

If you are looking for very low calorie spicy crisps then these are ideal for you - but I put most of my portion back in the bag.

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