24 May 2024

Ryvita Crispy Snacks: Milk Chocolate (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Ryvita Crispy Snacks: Milk Chocolate

I’m not sure why I picked up these Ryvita Milk Chocolate Crispy Snacks. I do sometimes get Ryvita, usually when I’m being healthy, and even then, they are nice with a topping like some low-fat cheese. I’m not sure what these are or how you eat them. Do you add a topping? Is the chocolate the topping? I need to open the box.

Inside, there are three individually wrapped packs, all with two Ryvita crispy snacks inside. Inside the wrapper, I can see a plain-looking crisp bread and a fairly generous layer of milk chocolate covering the top. I gave one a try, and they are dry and crisp. The chocolate almost compensates, but not quite enough to make them good. The chocolate part is nice, sweet, and creamy, not bad at all. These Ryvita Milk Chocolate Crispy Snacks are fine; they are okay. I just can’t get past the part where they are dry; they are so very dry and crispy. I wouldn’t buy them again. I know I should be judging them as a low-calorie snack, but honestly, I would rather have had a banana, if I’m being completely honest. I know some people will love them too, but for me, they are not going to be a repurchase. I would rather buy a regular Ryvita and add a layer of Nutella. 

Ryvita Crispy Snacks: Milk Chocolate

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