25 May 2024

North Brewing Co: Lost Cosmonauts DDH IPA (Morrison’s) By @SpectreUK

North Brewing Co: Lost Cosmonauts DDH IPA

A nightmare for some may be being lost somewhere, with no direction, no one else around, no help, no one to talk to, just the voice in your own head. That's what makes horror films where people are lost in snow or the blackness of space with infinity all around them so frightening. People are lost in life also. If you know someone that has no one else, who is lost and alone. That neighbour no one calls on, go say 'hello!" today. You have no idea how much it will mean to them that someone cares.

North Brewing Company may have been thinking about being alone in the blackness of space when they named their Lost Cosmonauts Double Dry Hopped Indian Pale Ale. At 6.0% in volume, this DDH IPA was brewed with Mosiac and Ekuanot Hops for tropical fruit flavoured bitterness. Lost in space or not, this Indian Pale Ale should wash my curried beans on jacket potato and onion bhajis down a treat.

On opening the can there was a tropical fruity aroma of citrus hops, with a touch of pine and then sweetness from the pale malts. After pouring with a frothy head, on taste Lost Cosmonauts DDH IPA had a smoky woody flavour to begin with, and then a touch of spiciness. These strong pine and spicy flavours soon gave way to tropical fruity bitterness, but only mildly in my opinion. Then came the sweetness of pale malts smoothing out all those flavours pine, smokiness, spices, and tropical fruits into the aftertaste. What a gorgeous IPA. I must admit, I joyously got lost in the flavour.

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