27 May 2024

Drumsticks Squashies Freeze and Squeeze Slushie (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Drumsticks Squashies Freeze and Squeeze Slushie

I’m so excited about trying this new slushie drink, as I’m having an evening of re-living my childhood. Tonight we are watching a new version of an old favourite cartoon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mayhem. The classic retro sweets are Drumsticks, so how about this Drumsticks Squashies Freeze and Squeeze Slushie to enjoy tonight? 

I bought this slushie from Iceland, but it wasn’t sold frozen, and it states it should be frozen at home. I popped it into the freezer and looked forward to the evening's viewing.

Later that day, we got the film ready, shared out some sweets, and I rescued my Drumsticks Squashies Freeze and Squeeze Slushie from the freezer. It was, and I suppose this is quite obvious in retrospect, frozen into a solid lump. I went back to the packet, and it said to wait 25 minutes at room temperature before squeezing it to break the ice. We started the film, and I patiently waited by setting an alarm on my phone. Stop judging me. I went to squeeze the ice, and it was still solid; there was no give at all. Wow. I waited another five; still nothing. After a further five minutes, it was starting to feel a little softer at the edges. Another five minutes, and it was finally good to go. Luckily, the film is 1h40, so there was plenty of time to still enjoy it during movie night. 

I unscrewed the cap and gave it a try. I realised that my ice breaking hadn’t been sufficient for the ice to squeeze through the lid. I tried again, and some of it finally worked its way up. It was a pink colour, and the flavour was sweet, sharp, raspberry-like, and very nearly almost like drumsticks - but also not quite. That not quite part was the sticking point. It was syrupy and a bit artificial. I know the sweets aren't excatly natural raspberry, but I still like them and this Drumsticks Squashies Freeze and Squeeze Slushie didn't work for me. I didn’t finish it. At least the film was good. 

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