23 May 2024

Plenish Berry Gut Health 5x Shots [@NLi10]

 Plenish make one of my favourite 'not milks' but it's a little more expensive than my regular.  That makes it a nice breakfast treat.  So - when I saw the brand on a gut health I decided to give it a shot (or 5).

AND - it's Pomegranate based which I absolutely love.  There were single shots for £2 - but this 5x shots was £3.50 due to Tesco deals which seems a much better deal and you can give it a proper go.

So - I dug out the old Teapigs shot glass for 5 consecutive morning breakfasts and gave it a whirl.

The tastes are interesting, the cider vinegar flavour is most definitely there and the fruits and berries make it a pleasurable experience overall.  And the health benefits were interesting too - I think I'd say it did improve my 'gut health' for the time I was taking it.

Like all of these transitory bacteria products though it really only lasts as long as you use it so it's probably better as a nice morning boost of vitamins!

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