13 May 2024

Hershey’s Cookies N Cream Flat White (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

Hershey’s Cookies N Cream Flat White

There are not enough coffee-flavoured chocolate bars available in the shops. Chocolate goes just as well with chocolate as caramel, but there are rarely any limited editions with the flavour. I was so excited to see this, even though I think coffee and dark chocolate is the best, but I was still super excited about trying this new coffee and white chocolate-based bar.

I opened the wrapper and was surprised by how strong the coffee aroma was. It smelled like sweet, creamy coffee and was lovely and enticing. The taste was also super rich, and there was loads of rich coffee, creamy flavour, and sweetness. The chocolate taste held it all together; this is one of the nicest chocolate bars I have eaten in years. The coffee flavour is spot on, and it just works. There are cookie pieces too, and this adds that much-loved texture that I like. The bar was a dream and a new favourite. I don’t normally rave about Hershey’s as a brand, but with this Hershey’s Cookies N Cream Flat White bar, they nailed the brief. 

Hershey’s Cookies N Cream Flat White

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