28 May 2024

De Vina Sparkling Strawberry Flavour Drink (Iceland) By @Cinabar

De Vina Sparkling Strawberry Flavour Drink

This is a superb-looking drink. Its little secret is that it only costs £2 for a bottle and is a soft drink. That is a lot cheaper than some of the ‘posh’ big brands of soft drinks on the market, which seemed to have upped their price to £3.50+ in some cases. The fab-looking De Vina Sparkling Strawberry Flavour Drink has a cork in the bottle, which is one of those that doesn’t fit back in the bottle after it has been removed. It opened a bit like a bottle of champers. 

The drink had an excellent pop when it opened, and we poured the pink liquid into glasses. The drink looked like it should have gone into fluted glasses, but I’m afraid we just went for tumblers. There was lots of fizz, which helped make it look special. I gave it a taste, and it had good flavour too; it was sweet but not syrupy, and it was delicate with the strawberry taste. It was absolutely lovely. The price makes it the kind of thing I would buy regularly, and the bottle makes me feel like I should keep it for a special occasion. Either way, if you have visitors this summer and you want a nice non-alcoholic drink for a meal or a barbecue, I can’t recommend this De Vina Sparkling Strawberry Flavour Drink enough. I know there was also a mango variety of this drink for sale, and I will definitely be picking up a bottle when I do my next order. 

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