2 May 2024

Walkers MAX Extra Flamin' Hot Ridged 'Fuego' Crisps [@NLi10]

 I'm not entirely sure if these are based on the American Cheetos 'Flamin Hot' or not.  They have Wotsits in the range which are a better version of the same shape crisp - but then the branding here is blatantly ripping off Takis Fuego.

I'm not used to Walkers being the imitator and not the leader in the Crisp Aisle - I guess they just got overtaken at some point.

For £1.25 you get 70g of Crisps - made with real potato too - so from a value perspective these are doing OK

And the bag is filled with magic gas to protect the cargo so you get a decent amount of whole crisps.  the colour hints at magical spices, and the smell is pretty good.

The ridges are good too - holding in the flavour dust.

Unfortunately that flavour is just boring!

Yeah - it's hot - but the flavour is flat as a pancake, with none of the lovely lime depth of the Takis Feugo, or Cofresh spicy good-times.  These are the whitest of white - hot for hot's sake kind of spice.  If it was a sauce you'd mix it with something else to desperately try to get it to excite anything.

It's like a focus group wanted an inoffensive but very hot crisp. If that's your bag then I'd get them quick - these are not going to be around in a year or so - there are already much more exciting options on the market.

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