25 July 2012

M&Ms 65% Intense Cacao Peanut [By @Cinabar]

In the UK M&Ms are different from the rest of the world. We don’t get any interesting limited editions or seasonal flavours. The UK doesn’t have specials, like coconut M&Ms, or mint ones and we are never likely to see the raspberry variety on British supermarket shelves.
If we get any limited editions, all we get is the regular milk chocolate or peanut with a change of shell colour. Red and green at Christmas; red, white and blue for the Olympics/Royal Jubilee. Seriously – a change of colour, is that it? Even the M&Ms store in London doesn’t stock any flavoured M&Ms, which is a crying shame. We are a bit left out to be honest.
Thankfully though the import market is improving, and some rarer M&M varieties can now even be found hiding in pound shops. Lovely reader David H very kindly spotted these European (Polish?) M&Ms in an aforementioned pound shop, and picked me up a bag!!! Big thank you to him, I do love M&Ms and really appreciate the chance to try a new flavour.
These M&Ms contain a strong and impressive 65% cocoa, and have peanut in them too! The shells and outer casing look just like regular peanut M&Ms, but the flavour is a whole new ball game. The chocolate is fantastic and rich, and the lovely strong dark chocolate tones work perfectly with the peanut. I loved how there was so much cocoa, but the sweet sugar still balanced it off perfectly, and I found them seriously moreish. These M&Ms provide a super cocoa, hit with a mix of nut, and so, as you might expect, I was in heaven.
These may not be the easiest product to find on the British Isles, but I can I assure you, if you do hunt some down you won’t be disappointed!
By Cinabar


  1. Great write up, I'll keep a look out for these. I've been finding quite a few Polish chocolate imports recently and one thing I've noticed is their chocolate sizes are smaller than ours, e.g. Kit Kats.

  2. These are insanely addictive. I was never much a fan of M&M's but I could eat these by the handful!

  3. Saw these in a jumbo size big bag today for only a quid - bargain!

  4. Diets and Calories - I know what you mean, but to be honest I think our choccies used to be smaller when I was a kid too.

    PC - Where??? I absolutely love these - and I want more!! :-)

  5. B&M stores are selling the 40g bags at 5 for £1

  6. Yeah ive seen them in B&M too, i didnt get them, butn ow wish i had!

  7. D'oh - they seem to have disappeared from shelves again - I too wish I'd stocked up!

  8. Gotta go to France. They have these everywhere

  9. Or I just need to a find a relative visiting France ;-)


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