22 July 2012

Eden Project - Apple Juice: Fresh & Fruity [By @NLi10]

Holidays are great for snack exploration. One product that you take for granted locally can be scarce elsewhere and vice-versa. Also, many places have their own locally sourced products which mean you have to pounce when you see them.

Eden project has three of these in its giant sustainable cafe that links the two bio domes. The first of these is its bottled apple juice.

I had this with my lunch - it’s a self service, low impact cafe so I got to avoid potatoes and pile the leafy greens high. It's possibly not as luxurious in flavour as the innocent one, but it tasted very much of good quality apples and was very refreshing. I'd happily drink this again, but I think it's an exclusive.

In the gift shop (which we happened to mooch around before doing the bio domes) I found a lovely drinks bottle. This is one of the aluminium reusable ones and I'd been looking for one for work. What swayed me into picking this up was you got free refills of soft drinks all day with the receipt. Great value!

First up we tried the elderflower drink. This was in a big slushy type machine and they happily filled me up to go into the rainforest. This was well needed as it was easily as hot as the real rainforest (although it didn't smell the same), but the slight breeze from the doors did give the game away.

I liked the flavour of this; it was quite strong and not sparkling. In the heat t was amazingly refreshing and after coming out I topped it straight back up and drank that too. Elderflower is usually quite a delicate fragrance but it was nice to have a full on hit.

After this I tried out their lemonade, which was very sour in flavour. I enjoyed this less, but it was very nice too - I think it may have been a touch too strong after all the heat to drink at the speeds I required. I think that this is more of a tasting drink than a downing one, but again I'd drink it again.

All in all a lovely day out and a clever idea on how to reduce waste in a tourist attraction.
By NLi10

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