11 July 2012

Choka-Blok Gold Digger Dynamite (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

Several people have emailed me and recommended these new Choka-Blok bars, so I thought I would search them out. I managed to find them on the shelves in Tesco, and I almost overlooked them as they weren’t taking up much shelf space. There were a couple of flavours, but the yellow packet with its promise of gold honeycomb took my fancy.
These bars all have the same concept, a chunky square bar of chocolate, where one side is flat and the other is packed with topping. The Gold Digger Dynamite bar is milk chocolate decorated with white chocolate, caramel filled milk chocolate cups and honeycomb style crunchie pieces. Oh my, what a combination!

I unwrapped the bar and was rather impressed by the amount of topping that was packed into the one side of the bar, it was super impressive to look at. The other side was more simple, with some groves for squares to be broken off.
I have to say the chocolate was quite something. It was a thick bar so it came across as being rather chunky, but it was still fairly soft and had a silky texture when you bit in. The base flavour of the chocolate was rich in cocoa with lots of milky tones, offset by the sweet topping. The white chocolate decoration is a little bit lost in the bar, because the caramel chocolate cups and the honeycomb pieces just add wonderful sugary tones through and through. I loved the crazy texture from all the goodies packed on the bar; it made it a pleasure to eat.
This really was a wow bar, and if you have a sweet tooth I can’t recommend it enough. It was totally indulgent and ticked all the boxes for me, beautifully decorated, full flavoured cocoa, good complex texture, chunky, sweet and heaven!
By Cinabar


Unknown said...

This Choka-Blok looks absolutely tremendous. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I will try and hunt it down. I understand what you mean when you say the white chocolate gets a bit lost in the concoction; I find that with a lot of confectionery that has a white choc element, but ho-hum... I hope to give it a go soon all the same!

cinabar said...

There really wasn't that much white chocolate in this - but it really didn't matter.