27 July 2012

Penguin Toffee Edition (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

It seems like it has been to long since the iconic British Penguin biscuit last got a mention here at Foodstuff Finds. I am pleased to report that on a recent supermarket trip I spotted their new toffee flavour, and p-p-picked up a pack to try. Although I don’t have Penguin bars that often, there is something wonderfully nostalgic about them to me, and they remind me of school packed lunches and afternoon treats.
Once I opened up the multipack, I spotted that each of the individually wrapped biscuits had a penguin related joke on the wrapper. It’s a nice touch, and it made me smile. I used to love it when you’d buy an ice lolly and there would be a joke on the lollipop stick, but I haven’t seen that for a good while either.
“Who do penguins wear glasses? … To help their ice-sight!”
Once I opened up the wrapper, I was impressed by the aroma of the chocolate and toffee, there was lots of lovely sweet tones that were very appealing. The bar consists of two layers of chocolate biscuit, with a toffee and chocolate crème filling, and the whole biscuit is dipped in milk chocolate.
The biscuits are lovely and sweet, the crunch from the biscuit is nice and firm, and the softness of the crème sandwiched in the middle adds a nice dimension to the texture. The toffee flavour is rather rich, but the milky chocolate helps calm it. I can imagine that eating a few of these might be a bit sickly, but a single serving with a cup of coffee was pretty much biscuit heaven.
By Cinabar


Paulham said...

It's gotta be Tim Tams for me.

look on their website:

and see why they are the kings of chocolate sandwich biscuits.
turkish delight and honeycombe!

Their caramel one is brilliant chilled then slammed in a mug of tea.

Unknown said...

The Tim Tams certainly are good, but not half pricey compared to the Penguins which are made here in the UK.

I love the jokes on the wrappers, reminds me of when they did that in the 90s and all I ever had in my lunchbox for a snack was Penguins. Wouldn't have minded having a toffee one back then...

cinabar said...

I thought the idea with Tim-Tams was to drink the tea through them?

I do like Tim Tams - but as Chocitout says they are just a bit pricey from the import shops.

paulham said...

Cinabar, that is what a slam is!