5 July 2012

CyberCandy loot - Golden Oreos, Strawberry Pelotty, Aether Cola (CyberCandy Birmingham) [By @NLi10]

Here is the first batch of loot from our CyberCandy visit to the Birmingham Store.  See the previous review for more details and pics of the shop.

First up we have Golden Oreos - this is a standard Oreo 3 pack but with two crucial changes - vanilla biscuit and what appears to be a caramel cream.  Essentially these are Oreo shaped but completely not Oreos.  They don't even slightly taste like Oreo which is a disappointment, but our mini focus group of three agreed that they were nice enough.  I'm sure that if you had these in a biscuit tin and didn't have the thought of Oreos in your head then you'd enjoy them. With no intense cocoa hit and creamy-filling these feel wrong,  nice, but wrong.

Next up is the Pelotty which is a chocolate Lollipop on a plastic spoon like thing.  Like most of the Glico (the Pocky guys) products this is more of a fondant than a chocolate but it's a nice variation as the fruitiness blends in.  I didn't spot until I'd opened it that the back is traditional chocolate flavour (you can just see in the pic) so you get two flavours in one.  The online CyberCandy shop doesn't appear to have this flavour in stock, but they do have a Chocolate Vanilla Custard Pelotty which I may have been tempted for just because Doraemon is on the packaging, but custard flavoured sweets may be a little too much.  I'll probably stick to Pocky to get my hit of this kind of flavour, but as a one off it's quite nice.

This has a nice stand in the middle of the shop - and even has CyberCandy printed on the can as the importer, but I can't really recommend it.  It's essentially just fizzy table-water with a cola flavour added and comes across as a little odd.  Yes - the can is excellent and was kept by one of the group to go on his shelf, but we shared the can between the three of us and no-one really wanted to finish it.  Clear cola's have never been that successful in the UK, Tab Clear disappeared almost as soon as it came out.  Maybe there is a kind of part of the process that normal cola undergoes that makes the liquid a funny colour so they add caramel to get the brownness to cover it? Who knows - stick to Fentimans - heck  CyberCandy are missing a trick not selling that range!  They do sell a wonderful selection of exotic drinks in store, and it's the one thing I neglected to take a picture of, but I think next time I'll stay away from the pretty cans and stick to the tasty drinks instead!
By NLi10

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Anonymous said...

Great post ! Have you tryed froot loops ( they are a American cereal ) they are just now avabaile in shops In the uk ! :D