21 July 2012

Milka Oreo (@CyberCandyLTD) [By @Cinabar]

It is no secret that Milka is my favourite brand of chocolate, it has a certain nutty and sweet goodness about its flavour that just really works for my taste buds. Sadly the best selection of Milka flavours hasn’t yet made it to UK shelves, but thankfully CyberCandy are on hand to help. The latest addition to their selection is Milka Oreo, also one of my favourite biscuits, and as both are owned by the Kraft brand it is easier for them to link up in this way.
This Milka bar is in the usual purple wrapper, but the Oreo logo sits neatly top right. Inside the packaging the Milka bar has a few clues to its contents with some crumbs of dark Oreo shining through on the surface, but once broken in half the filling becomes clear. There is plenty of white stuff within the bar, and lots of biscuit bits too.
Thankfully the coating provides a generous helping of Milka chocolate in this bar, and its flavour shines through perfectly. It is complimented by the filling which is silky smooth from the crème but broken up by the texture of crunchy Oreo pieces. The Oreo flavour is mainly the ‘stuff’ filling but the dark tasting Oreo bits add a good contrast flavour too.
It’s a sweet bar, but my sweet tooth knows no limits and I loved it. I liked the range of complex textures, from the outer chocolate shell cracking, through to the creamy filling and crunchy biscuit.
This bar was always going to be win win for me, it’s my favourite brand of chocolate mixed with a favourite brand of biscuit and the combination was a total sweet treat. I loved every chunk of the bar, and was honestly in chocolate heaven.
Now if only they would made an Oreo with a limited edition Milka filling or coating....
By Cinabar


PC said...

Milka actually brought out a limited editions cookies and cream variety in 2010 in the UK, but I only ever saw them in Wilkinsons stores. They did a popping candy one too which wasn't very nice!

cinabar said...

PC - I did review the popping candy one at the time.... I rather liked it! ;-) But popping candy is an acquired taste.

Matthew Brannigan said...

I think this would be a great product for Kraft in the UK, but branded Cadbury rather than Milka. Once Kraft has wrestled away the Cadbury brand from Hershey in the USA (the contract expires next year apparently) I can see Oreo/Cadbury combination bars being a big hit in the USA as well.