2 July 2012

Haribo Milkshakes (Asda) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve often wondered where the name Haribo came from. My usual information source (Wikipedia) told me that Haribo was established in 1920 by Hans Riegel Senior in Bonn, Germany. Haribo is an acronym for Hans Riegel, Bonn… So now we all know! The company is well known for believing that everyone, kids and adults alike, love Haribo, and with almost a hundred years of high quality sweet production under their (slightly groaning paunch) belt, who can blame them? So when I saw these new Haribo Milkshakes on the local supermarket shelf I was naturally excited to buy them and tuck in.

There were three flavours of traditional style milkshake glass and straw shaped gums to choose from. The first flavour was an off-white coloured vanilla. The gum tasted creamy and sweet and was reminiscent of vanilla. The gum’s flavour had been carefully prepared to give no shock vanilla kick, just a very mild, sweet and creamy texture. Next up was the yellow banana gum. Now I was fully expecting a banana kick here, as banana can be such an overpowering flavour. Yet no kick came, just a very mild and creamy banana flavour, which was certainly not unpleasant, but didn’t stand up and shout “BANANA!!”, as many banana flavoured products usually do, such as Banana flavoured beer, banana cakes, and banana flavoured smoothies. Last of all was the pink strawberry flavoured Milkshake gum. I thought this gum was possibly the creamiest of the three flavours; there was a very gentle strawberry flavour, but no real sweetness and again no kick in the face flavour. Checking on the back of the 150g bag I noticed that each 40g serving was 139 calories, with 27.1g sugar and 0.1g fat. With that much sugar per serving, you’d think that these gums would be a little sweeter! Although there were no artificial colours in the ingredients I also noticed there were also no vanilla, no banana and no strawberry. This slightly confused me. All these Milkshakes are a little muted in flavour, Haribo seem to have concentrated solely on making them as creamy as possible. If this was their goal then they have exceeded it, but sadly at the expense of the actual flavour of the intended milkshakes. Shame, but I think I’ll stick to their sours, as their flavour can make your head explode! ;-D
By Spectre

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Willow92 said...

These have been out for a while now, I think the vanilla ones are my favourite :)