19 July 2012

Juice Burst - Apple & Blackcurrant [By @NLi10]

While in a nice little Beach Cafe just down from Newquay I spotted this responsibly packaged juice drink.

With hindsight I think it's from a range which is also stocked in our works hospital canteen, but the new packaging encouraged me to pick it up. It's only 250ml instead of a more normal 500ml bottle, and seemed a similar price, but when out and about these things fluctuate.

The juice itself was very black currant flavoured even though it was the minority ingredient on offer. I guess those little guys pack a punch. It was refreshing and a lot more convenient for the beach in its pouch form, although I suspect a lot less frequently recycled. Enjoyable little drink, though I need another one now - it’s surprisingly sunny in Newquay.
By NLi10

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