4 July 2012

Kelloggs – Chocolate All-Bran Breakfast Biscuits (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I think I have mentioned several time before about my appreciation of a quick breakfast at my desk. This means I try all sorts of cereal bars and breakfast biscuits with my morning coffee, when I don’t get chance for toast or cereals at home. Chocolate is my favourite flavouring, so generally if an item is available in a chocolate flavoured edition then that is where my preference lays! I’m a little predictable in that way! I was really pleased to see that Kelloggs had extended their Breakfast Biscuits range with a new chocolate version so I grabbed a pack try. The biscuit has 167 calories and there is 6g of fat in the bar, so it’s not too bad for a breakfast.
The biscuit comes as a slab, with a line down the middle to break it into two chunks. It broke nice and easily with a quick snap and formed two fingers. The texture is surprisingly hard, but okay. To be fair it is the same as the other Kelloggs Breakfast Biscuits, so if you’ve tried them you will know what to expect. It is just a bit of a tough cookie! Once you chew the oats and wheat shone through. The flavour was nice as the biscuit had chocolate throughout and had added chocolate chips in it too. Despite this it wasn’t overly chocolaty or that sweet and still seemed to get to around ‘pleasant’ on my scale of yumminess. I did end up actually dipping these in my coffee which softened them up a bit and boosted the taste.
They were a nice enough start to the day, but not worth all the excitement I felt when I first saw them!
By Cinabar

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