15 July 2012

Hajuku Raspberry Stick (@CyberCandyLTD) [By @NLi10]

There are lots of Pocky imitators out there. Many choose to copy the exact styles and add a twist. Hajuku have gone one better and taken the strawberry cream Pocky and replaced the fruit with the strictly better RaspBerry. The capitalisation there is by the manufacturers - a fruit so amazing it needs two capitals!

I'm pretty sure these are Thai, but other than the script on the box I wasn't sure. They don't taste like Pocky, the base flavour of the slightly vanilla stick isn't there, but these are nice.

The RaspBerry adds a touch of difference to this, as well as providing crunchy seeds to chew on. The freeze dried chunks are as pleasant as usual, if not maybe less numerous than on the glico versions.

I've only seen these in the import store cybercandy so I'm not sure they could become a regular thing. I'd happily munch on these some more, a flavour that suits my raspberry loving taste buds more, even if it's a little milder.
By NLi10

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