8 July 2012

Cookies 'N Cream Bites (@CyberCandyLtd) [By @NLi10]

There are some international products that just beg to be located and eaten, and others that you hear about for ages but never try.

The pretend Americans in sit-com-land go crazy for cookie dough, and these are cookie dough bites - but in a cookies and cream flavour. I always figured these to be a bit too close to the Oreo to be worth bothering with, but after the nice folks at CyberCandy gave us the vouchers I decided that these should be high up on the priority list. I almost chose one of the stranger flavours but experience has taught me that going for the closest product to the original is usually best.

I must admit I expected these to be like unbaked cookie lumps, soft but with the texture of say part-baked biscuits. They are essentially lumps of icing with bits of cookie in them.

They are oddly misshapen and apparently this bag is two servings. This is a little crazy to me as after maybe 5 or 6 the sweetness was a little too much! I liked the flavour and I enjoyed the odd soft, modelling clay texture but I don't think I could get through half a packet in one sitting. I was tempted to save these to do as a cinema snack, but I broke them out during the F1 and Wimbledon (which hasn't finished yet), and they are a very distracting proposition. I find that the more I eat the less I notice the sweetness and the more the cookie flavour comes out. This is nice and very Millie's Cookies in a way, and I'm sure the reason that they are so successful.

Maybe it's the 'cream' portion that is the hyper sweetness, maybe it's just my body telling me I don't need more sugar right now, but I can't help feeling that a slightly toned down version of these would be gorgeous and worth all the pop culture references. Maybe Americans just like more sugar in their tea, and maybe I should find the original cookie dough - just to check that it's not always like this.

Great for sharing, though I'm not sure a box and an inner bag is necessary!

By NLi10

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