13 July 2012

Mars Dessert (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

My sweet tooth tends to kick in at the end of a meal, and I always fancy something ideally chocolaty to finish on. As a fan of Mars bars when I saw these new desserts in Tesco it was pretty much given that pick them up.
I’ve seen quite a few of the chocolate bar themed desserts recently, so I am obviously not in a minority. They do then to be part of the Cadbury branding, so it is nice to Mars branching out in to this market too.
This is a split pot dessert, one section containing teeny chunks of Mars nougat coated in milk chocolate. The other section is the liquid section, which is chocolate and caramel flavour. The chocolate pieces are small, but there are plenty of them in the pot, certainly enough for each mouthful. Despite the size, the nougat texture shines through, but the flavour is a little hidden by all the chocolate goodness. I couldn’t pick up on much caramel either, again this was disguised within the sauce section.
The fact that the dessert provided a chocolate overload is by no means a bad thing!! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it did mean that it didn’t fully recreate the whole Mars bar concept as well as it could.
By Cinabar

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