10 July 2012

Pot Noodle – Jamaican Jerk! Flavour [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve always been wary of Pot Noodles since I was a kid and was passed one on a Cub Scout camping trip. I didn’t like it back then and must admit I hadn’t tried one up until Cinabar coxed me into writing for this blog. I have tried and enjoyed many Pot Noodles since and many many others from around the world. This Jamaican Jerk Flavour came with a Mango Sauce sachet. The 90g pot had 430 calories, with 15g of fat and 9g of sugar. There were no artificial colours or preservatives, and it included the usual stringy Pot Noodle noodles. The ingredients in the sauce included tomato, chives, basil, thyme, spices, garlic, and barley malt, with added vegetables of red peppers, onions and lots of green peas. On adding freshly boiled water and stirring, the brown coloured sauce smelt wholesome and spicy. After a few minutes of cooling I braved a taste. This Pot Noodle had a lovely Caribbean medium spicy tang to it. My tastebuds were smacked with a high quality flavour, which was really very tasty, and I certainly didn’t get sick of the sauce whilst eating it. In fact I wanted more. This was definitely one of the best Pot Noodles I’ve tried and will certainly have one of these in the cupboard for a decent hot snack or sandwich accompaniment for lunch and a movie. Nice one Pot Noodle, keep them coming! ;-)
By Spectre

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