28 July 2012

Tango Orange and Apple flavoured Chewy Bonbons (Poundland) [By @SpectreUK]

Orange Flavour
Produced for Rose Confectionery Limited by the Britvic Soft Drinks Company, these Orange Chewy Bonbons quoted on the front of the packet; “Because good taste always hurts”. Opening the 150g packet with some trepidation I noticed many spherical white/orange bonbons. I somehow expected the bonbons to shoot out the packet at me and bounce ominously around the room. Per 100g there were 382 calories, with 74.5g of sugar and 6.8g of fat. The ingredients included; sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, humectants, sorbitol, citric acid, pork gelatin, dextrose and soya lecithin, with no hydrogenated fat or artificial colours, but no orange juice either, which I thought a shame. There was a mild and slightly tart orange flavour, but nothing like the super sour twisty faced flavour such as the packet had lead me to believe. Sucking really hard formulated some sort of orange flavour, but nothing compared with the illustrated dynamite plunger’s suggestion of an explosion of orange taste. Sadly, I just didn’t feel Tango’d by these Orange Chewy Bonbons at all.

Apple Flavour
The message on the front of this 150g packet stated; “Shoots straight to the core” with an illustration of an arrow shooting through an apple. Per 100g there were 382 calories, with 74.5g of sugar and 6.8g of fat. There was the same sort of ingredients listed, but like the Orange flavour, no apple juice. Considering Britvic have shelves and shelves of juice to their name, I was extremely surprised that they hadn’t used any juice in these Chewy Bonbons. From the list of ingredients and my state of warranted disappointment from the Orange flavour, I opened the packet with a different sort of apprehension. These Chewy spherical Bonbons were apple green in colour and had a strong zingy sugar sweet apple flavour to them. I just had to chew and suck these bonbons savouring their juiciness. My disappointment with the Orange flavour was instantly drowned by the flood of juicy sweet appley goodness. Finally I felt properly Tango’d. Shame it wasn’t real apple juice and about the Orange flavour, but never mind, I polished off the Apple Bonbons in record time.
By Spectre

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