16 July 2012

Heston Curry Spiced [Sweet] Popcorn (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

Popcorn is a very ‘in’ snack at the minute, and its one I find myself turning to increasingly. Although I have a sweet tooth, the salty varieties appeal to me more and more these days. I have come to terms with the fact that popcorn is equally pleasant in a savoury variety as it is sugar coated.
Heston is rather creative and he has taken this one step further and brought out this curry spiced edition which sounded rather appealing when I saw it on the shelf. Although it says on the bag that the ideal time to serve them is while sitting down to a Bollywood movie, I ended up pouring some out to accompany our lunches on Sunday afternoon.
The popcorn looked nice, big pieces, all coated in a dark yellow seasoning which reminded me of the classic chip shop curry sauce. They had a good spicy aroma, lots of curry powder and a hint of chilli, and all was looking good until I tasted one. Up until this point I was totally convinced that what I had purchased was a savoury bag of popcorn, but I had underestimated dear Heston’s creative flair on this occasion. This popcorn was sweet and curry flavoured. Imagine that lovely bottle of curry sauce that you find in the chip shop, and then imagine sprinkling it all over toffee coated popcorn. It’s just not right. I tried to let the flavours grow on me, but the curry was quite hot and the spices would have been really good if it wasn’t for the bizarre sugary taste. I actually quit eating them, and was just about to tip the remaining ones in the bin when something weird caught my eye. Everyone else was enjoying them. My mum tried them, and said they were great, and even Spectre (who never eats popcorn of any variety) was munching away happily.
So there you are, they didn’t work for me, but they are clearly worth a try as the combination of flavours certainly works for some!
By Cinabar

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