31 July 2012

Deans Coconut and Treacle Oat Biscuits (Westmorland Services) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve always been partial to oat biscuits, as they can compliment a strong afternoon tea or even a pint of good ale or stout. Deans of Huntley, Aberdeenshire, produced the elegant 150g box of eight beige coloured thick round biscuits. The box stated that these biscuits had been “hand baked in Scotland” (…with very hot hands, I’m sure). There were 520 calories per 100g, with 28.4g of fat and 33.6g of sugar. The biscuit’s ingredients included; butter, oatflakes (13%), desiccated coconut (7%), and black treacle from black molasses (4%), also containing milk products, as well as wheat and gluten. The biscuits were prepared from the original recipe by Helen Dean, who began the business after cooking for family and friends. Also available in the Dean’s biscuit range are Apple and Cranberry, Stem Ginger, and Sultana and Heather Honey.

After a long day of running up stairs and sliding down waterslides in the Alton Tower’s water park, these Coconut and Treacle biscuits seemed an excellent treat with a late afternoon mug of tea in the hotel room before dinner. We go to Alton Towers for a couple of nights around my birthday every year, so the good thing was that we had the hotel spa to look forward to the next day and all the rides in the theme park the following day. The biscuits had a lovely sweet oaty coconut and treacle smell to them. There was an exceptional balance of coconut and treacle within these buttery sweet melt in your mouth crunchy oat biscuits. The box emptied far too quickly for my liking, which was a shame as it’s quite a long drive back to buy another box. Ah, well… another trip up to Westmorland Services beckons, and I’m sure I can fit plenty of these boxes in the boot (or trunk to our American friends)! ;-)
By Spectre

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